Monday, 11 March 2013

What we thought of Crufts 2013

Morning everyone!

What a nice sunny albiet a little snowy Monday morning! Stinkle had troubles getting out of bed today and I practically had to carry him down the stairs to get him going... So how was everyone's weekend? All good I hope, did anyone else watch Crufts?? We did and I have to say I loved it! All the dogs looked really happy and it was nice to see that even the dogs in show were jumping up and all had a little bit of a cheeky side, I would hate to think dogs were trained and they lost their character! I enjoyed the utility and toy groups the best mainly down to the squishy faced dogs in them (and all the others) but I have to say I do have a soft spot for some of the bigger dogs too! Stinkle wasn't impressed at all... and on the Friday he took himself upstairs to bed and wouldn't come down! By Sunday he had got a bit more into it though and we done some dancing round the living room when there was a dog dancing with his owner on the TV. I can't say I agree with the judges decision although I'm glad the Italian Labrador came second (he was a beauty wasn't he!) Having said that, I am very biased the winners would have been Pugs, Frenchies, Bostons and probably that little Pekingnese in toy group oh and the Griffons!  I thought Clare Balding was fabulous and seemed really interested in the dogs, guests and the crowd in general. I also thought the mini interviews with vets and dog specialists was really good I particularly enjoyed the one about obese dogs looking at the diagram they showed Stinkle is somewhere between ideal and overweight so I was quite pleased about that really.  It's the first time I was watched Crufts for any length of time and it was a pleasant surprise I'm pretty sure any kind of 'show' gets bad press but the dogs all looked happy to be there and the owners and handlers seemed to adore their dogs. Next year I hope to be there I didn't realise that as well as all the shows they had around 200 trade stands!! Well that's it Stinkle heard that and has summoned me with a shopping list of things he needs! 

Anyone else going next year?
Maybe I will see you there.  Stinkle sadly won't be going as he quite rightly says it just wouldn't be fair on all the other dog's, he's too handsome and might put them all to shame... on that note I will leave you with a photo of my little Crufts 2013 winner on his podium.