Wednesday, 20 March 2013


A while ago we wrote about how Stinkle was worried about what was in his shop bought treats, so being the good Mum that I am we got out the cookbook and looked through them to see which ones would be easiest for me to make... an experienced baker I am not! The treats we decided to make were cheese and cranberry with a cream cheese frosting, we decided not to add the frosting on our first attempt as it might be a bit much for mine and Dizzees skills! We were pretty successful in the taste dept with our friends 3 pugs (even one very very fussy pug) gobbling them all up! What I did find was the cranberries were a bit of a nightmare when it came to cutting the shapes as it was hard to cut through them. So second attempt I left out the cranberries and added sesame seeds... I think these might be better sprinkled on top rather than in the recipe so it really is all trial and error... the recipe makes quite a big batch of treats and Dizzee is on a so if anyone would like to taste test them for us leave me a comment and we will post you a few :)

Before they went in the oven

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  1. Betsy, has told me to tell you she's packing her bags to come and live with you as her mummy doesn't bake her special treats ! :) x