Friday, 8 March 2013

What does Dizzee think about giving up processed meats?

Being a big fan of sausage's Dizzee had a few things to say about the news that eating processed meat could lead to dying younger and other health problems!

Firstly this news will not stop him munching on sausages, bacon or ham!! I mean really all his favourite foods, it would be like asking me to give up chocolate! Where I'm not fussy about what chocolate I eat Dizzee has decided that he will be using the butcher much more for fresh better quality non processed meat! This also got us both thinking about dog treats that you buy, what is in them? Being fussy he won't eat a lot of them but some are like plastic so this weekend we are going to make our own (which we did do once before and he loved!) it concerns me they might not stay fresh very long so I really need to do some research. We already own a few doggy cookbooks and the internet will surely provide us with some information on what we should make!

So watch this space and Dizzee says go buy all your dogs a nice sausage from your local butcher they'll appreciate it!!

Photo of Pickering's on Norwich Market our favourite Sausage supplier! 

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