Monday, 18 March 2013

The dreaded V.E.T

Dizzee needs a trip to the vets his least favorite place and we are considering moving to a new practice! It's very close to where we live just 5 minutes walk and has recently been taken over by a chain of vets called Companion Care... I have looked on their website and they seem ok so tonight I'm going to stop in and have a chat with them and see if they will take him on so to speak the main thing for us is having a side door so he doesn't have to sit in the waiting area. We did use this practice once before it was taken over and the nurse was horrible and rude (hence my reluctance to move) our current vets are lovely they come out in the car park to do boosters and are generally just great, but they are a good 20 minute walk and it's a very busy walk, which is not what you want if you have a traumatised dog squeaking and yapping! fingers crossed they are nice and we get him booked in soon!

P.S he is ok just a check up

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