Monday, 11 March 2013

The Yellow Dog Project

Have you heard of The Yellow Dog Project? 

We hadn't until probably about 1 year ago.

The yellow dog project.. basically is a project to get dogs who have for many reasons might need a bit of space when they're out all wearing a yellow ribbon, special neckerchief or anything else yellow!! they could need space because of health issues, they might be in training, being rehabilitated, scared or reactive around other dogs or the might be a bitch in season... the list goes on each dog is different and will be wearing their yellow item for many different reasons. 

The only way this is going to be successful is if more people know about the yellow dog project and are aware of why dogs have yellow ribbons on them. I am on a one woman (and her dog) mission to make people aware! I am printing posters to put on lampposts where we live, in shops and anywhere else I can! 

The last thing I would like to say is that by no means does this mean a dog is vicious, if you think your dog might bite it should be muzzled, yellow dogs are just dogs who need to be left alone and given a bit of space! 

You can find The Yellow Dog Project HERE

and you can get a FREE yellow ribbon (just pay for postage) HERE

Stinkle is the proud wearer of a yellow ribbon, and why does he wear his ribbon? When we are out he needs to walk and he needs to get round on his walk with no distractions 'dog on a mission' is one way to describe walk times. He has no want for people to distract him he's too busy for that, plus if you do stop him he might jump up and squeak a bit/lot which is fine if you like dogs but not so fine if you don't, he's also quite frightened of children and all the noise they make! 


  1. Oh I absolutely need one for Ruby! She's still learning to be a good girl on her lead, is a bit nervous around other dogs AND she's in season! Triple whammy!

    1. It's such a good idea I think more people need to know about it! Stinkle has a neckerchief to but he looks too special needs in it!! ;/